Singing up a Storm - Pzazz Style!

Monday 13th March 2017 21:10

Pzazz are one step closer to Las Vegas, following an exhilarating joint concert with the BBC gospel choir of the year, Manchester Inspirational Voices on Saturday.
The audience were wowed when both choirs joined in four songs they had taught each other through the day, allowing barbershoppers to learn some gospel, and teaching the gospel singers a thing or two about beautiful close nit harmony! Its safe to say we all went home singing “I don’t wanna go one more morning!” on a loop at the top of our lungs. The day also included a scrumptious cake sale, excellent unwanted gifts sale, raffle and craft stall which helped to boost the fundraising efforts. It’s safe to say Pzazz are incredibly grateful for our contribution to their American adventure in July.

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