Bathing in Bronze!

Friday 11th November 2016 16:31

What a wonderful weekend we had at the end of October 2016 when we travelled to Harrogate for our annual national barbershop convention. As the final competitor (of 31!) over the course of the saturday competition we had worked hard to keep our focus through a long day and we were thrilled when it paid off and we achieved our highest ever score of 78.9% which placed us third overall - we got a bronze medal! All this alongside the celebrations of the previous day when one of our quartets, Barberlicious, placed 5th nationally and another, PZAZZ performed as outgoing gold medalists of 2015.

After working hard over the whole of the year, we were also delighted to be joined on stage by 6 new ladies who had come to us in February through our love to sing course and it was a fantastic weekend all round. Why not take a look at the video of our performance in the 'videos' section of the website.

Of course never to let the grass grow under our feet, we were right back to rehearsals the following week and on Sunday 6th November competed in the North Wales Choral Festival where the awards just kept coming and we took home second place.

With Christmas approaching we have some exciting plans and will keep you updated. Two in particular are very special to us and involve a concert on Saturday 10th December with our friends at Silk Brass, swiftly followed by a fantastic opportunity to support popular vocal group G4 who will be performing alongside us (or should it be the other way round?) at Gorton Monastery on Monday 12th December. Tickets for both concerts are available now and check out our facebook page to get more information"

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