A Crystalising LABBS Convention!

Tuesday 11th November 2014 19:49

After months of rehearsal preparation, at last it was time to make our way to Harrogate for the LABBS 2014 Convention. Sounding better than ever, with slick new moves and a new gorgeous outfit, we were very excited to share our contest package, and raring to go!

As we were announced, the curtains opened and the applause greeted us like a huge wave. We sang our hearts out and brought everything we planned to our performance - and in a flash it was over!

Still grinning from ear to ear we felt very proud as the curtains closed and the crowd were still cheering – what an exhilarating feeling!

The long day of contest continued, but now we could relax a little; we had done our job. We went out for a lovely Crystal lunch, entertaining other diners and amusing ourselves with a few songs, we soon made our way back to the auditorium to watch the afternoon choruses and await the results.

We have been overwhelmed with lovely comments about our performance, and are absolutely delighted to have achieved fourth place in such a tough contest. We are indebted to David King for his wonderful arrangement of Pennies From Heaven which inspired the umbrella routine, and we would like to thank friends and families for their patience and support for all the hours we give our wonderful hobby; our thanks also to the very talented Sally McLean and Dale Kynaston for their amazing coaching other the past months, and the inspirational Cindy Hansen-Ellis for her help designing our performance plan and wonderfully motivating style.

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